About Us

About Us
Shelley Webb & Phil Anderson are co-hosts of the Wine Time Fridays podcast which publishes every Friday.

Shelley and Phil have been enjoying wine together for nearly 20 years. It all started with the book, Love by the Glass: Tasting Notes from a Marriage, written by Dorothy (Dottie) Gaiter and John Brecher, wine columnists for the Wall Street Journal for many years. Every couple in love with wine AND each other should read this book! *Note: We had the privilege of having Dottie and John on as guests in Episode 096, if you’re interested!

And while the book started the two on their wine journey together, they continued to get further and further into the world of wine all on their own. They DID, however, adopt an idea from the book with their own phrase for toasting, when they open every new bottle of wine. See if you can identify it. Another thing they adopted was their own unique wine rating system along with emoji’s that go with each level: Their wine rating system was unveiled on Episode 130 and it goes as follows:

Phenomenal ? Practically Perfect ? Pleasant ? Problematic ? Pleagth (Pitiful and Pathetic) ?

One thing you will notice right away is Shelley is very quiet, however, her opinions about wine speak volumes. Phil is definitely the extrovert of the two (it’s a blessing and a curse) and, yes, he also speaks his opinion about wine.

Shelley and Phil have poured wine together at multiple wine events, including Vintage Spokane, and have stopped at virtually every winery they see throughout their travels. They have visited wineries and wine stores in over ten states, in the United States and throughout three provinces of Canada. They belong to five different wine clubs, two of them wineries. For Shelley, however, she had a relationship with wine long before Phil entered the picture as she sold wine in the Southern California area for many years.

For the past 15 years they are well known for Wine Time, which prompted the name of this podcast! They have a Wine Time bell on the deck that signals, “stop working in the yard, it’s Wine Time!” They have a little Wine Time bell, which you will hear at the beginning of each episode, that signals, “stop working on the computer, it’s Wine Time!” Recently, they have even taken to Wine Time Zoom Time with Shelley’s two kids and their spouses, and Phil’s daughter and her husband.

The reason they decided to start a wine podcast is friends and family of theirs are consistently asking questions about wine, and the two seemed to be really good at offering up opinions. They have never wanted to be snobby wine drinkers and they are far from the wine drinker who only considers Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. You will hear them talk about wines, with personal stories, from California and Washington and beyond. You will even hear them talk about off-the-beaten-path wines like Madeleine Angevine! Wait, what?

Weaving in and out of all of this will be their life journey on a week by week basis. They are co-owners of The Social Web, co-founders and directors of Social Media Summit Coeur d’Alene (a three day social media conference) and The Social Web Inner Circle, which keeps them both beyond busy.

One thing that is important to both Shelley and Phil is wine is to be consumed responsibly. They enjoy wine on a daily basis, as they prepare dinner together and listening to music (sometimes even dancing in the kitchen!). They carefully select a wine that will pair with the dinner that Shelley has prepared (she could start her own podcast on cooking!) and then enjoy that wine/food pairing. But wine is not to be abused. They both are adamant about that. Keeping in mind that wine from the highly produced, but well structured wines, to the boutique wines which produce less than 1,000 cases, each has a human touch from one degree to another, and each bottle has a story. The folks from the vineyards of older vintages may no longer even be alive. And that juice should be savored and celebrated.

While this is Shelley’s first podcast (you would never know it), Phil is also co-host of The Greatest Song You Never Heard podcast, with Chris Cochran.

Both Shelley and Phil invite you to share YOUR questions and stories, regarding wine, on their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Remember these three things:

1- With a little bit of knowledge, wine becomes less overwhelming.

2- Life is too short to drink bad wine.

3- #HappyFriday #ItsWineTime #Cheersing

*If you are a winery and want to have your wines featured on an episode, please email us at itistimeforwine@gmail.com. #HappyFriday #ItsWineTime #Cheersing

**Disclaimer: Please know that some wines we feature on Wine Time Fridays may have been provided to us at no cost whether as a gift or through sponsorship agreements. All opinions are always the opinions of Shelley Webb and Phil Anderson, however, and never for sale.