Wine Time Fridays Charity Sips: A Toast to Good Deeds

Wine Time Fridays Charity Sips: A Toast to Good Deeds Wine Time Fridays Charity Sips: A Toast to Good Deeds

Shelley and Phil are both very involved in giving back to the community. We would like to Introduce our newest series, “Wine Time Fridays Charity Sips: A Toast to Good Deeds,” where we raise a glass to make a positive impact in the world. Once a month, we dedicate an episode to highlighting a deserving charity or non-profit organization. Join us as we explore the inspiring work being done by these incredible organizations and the lives they touch. As we sip and savor our favorite wines, we also aim to use our platform to raise awareness and support for these important causes. We’ll dive into the stories behind the charities, sharing their missions, accomplishments, and the ways in which our listeners can get involved. Together, we can create a ripple effect of goodness and kindness that will make a meaningful difference. Join us for this heartwarming and uplifting series of shoutouts, where we combine the joy of wine with the spirit of giving in “Wine Time Fridays Charity Sips: A Toast to Good Deeds”!

The Children’s Reading Foundation

In Episode 196, with Edward Holmes and John Bookwalter, we featured The Children’s Reading Foundation. J. Bookwalter Winery has been an advocate of this organization for years, which makes sense given the name of the winery as well as all the literary references in each wine they produce. Of course, this organization has a wonderful goal, too!

The Children’s Reading Foundation works tirelessly to promote early childhood literacy across Washington state. Through their READY! for Kindergarten initiative and other programs, the nonprofit provides crucial resources to parents, caregivers and schools focused on preparing young minds to read at grade level by age eight.

By fundraising for free school readiness toolkits and facilitating collaboration across stakeholders, The Children’s Reading Foundation is working to ensure all Washington children receive the strongest start on their educational journey. Their vision is that through early and successful learning to read, students can achieve great things in school and beyond.

Salvation Army Red Kettle Appeal

In Episode 189, our Charity Sips focused on the Salvation Army Red Kettle Appeal. Shelley and Phil affectionally call this “Bell Ringing” as they ring the bell for this cause every year at Fred Meyer with the Rotary Club they belong to, Rotary on the Rocks. The Salvation Army Red Kettle Appeal is a global charitable campaign that raises funds to help those in need during the holiday season. Donations collected through red kettles stationed at stores and other locations provide food, shelter and other assistance to families and individuals facing hardship. It is the oldest and largest ongoing charitable fundraiser in the United States.


In Episode 185, our Charity Sips focused on ALSSO (ALS Service Organization for Spokane and Northern Idaho). ALSSO is based in Spokane, Washington helping families living with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). They offer support to people in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana. ALSSO has no paid staff and is governed by a 10-member board so their expenses are minimal. They provide financial assistance for adaptive equipment, mobility vans, home modification projects (including bathroom remodels) and care giving expenses.

RAD Camp

In Episode 181, our Charity Sips focuses on, RAD Camp! Their mission is RAD – Rising Above Disabilities! RAD Camp is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing inclusive and adaptive camping experiences that help individuals with developmental disabilities rise above limitations. Through their flagship overnight camp programs, day camps, and RAD Club activities, RAD Camp creates meaningful opportunities for both children and adults to build confidence, independence, and lifelong friendships through fun recreational activities. A key part of RAD Camp’s mission is also to offer regular respite to caregivers, who often shoulder immense responsibilities. The camp provides consecutive days and nights of dedicated care so those supporting individuals with special needs can recharge. In addition to serving campers year-round, RAD Camp provides volunteers with training to gain a new perspective on developmental disabilities while bringing immense joy to participants. It is their vision to foster a compassionate community where everyone can feel embraced for their differences.

Dogsmile Adventures

In Episode 177, our first toast to good deeds Charity Sips, we focus on Dogsmile Adventures.
Dogsmile Adventures is a non-profit that uses the magic of sailing to spark joy and healing. They offer therapeutic sailing programs for everyone, with a focus on under-resourced communities like veterans, youth, and those facing challenges. Imagine the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the feeling of pure joy as you glide across the water – that’s Dogsmile! They believe “a Dogsmile is an expression of unadulterated happiness,” and their mission is to bring that grin to people who need it most. For information on Dogsmile Adventures, please visit