Wine Time Fridays Series

Wine Time Fridays Series Wine Time Fridays Series

During the years, Wine Time Fridays has developed many different episode series to keep the content fresh while educating our listeners along the way. Our series include:

  • Women in Wine: Conversations with women in the wine world from Sommeliers, to winery owners to winemakers.
  • From Games to Grapes: We chat with past pro athletes that have since started wineries.
  • Old World vs New World: We taste through an old world wine and a new world wine (same varietal) and talk about the differences.
  • Wine Travels: Blog Posts and Podcast Episodes from our travels into various wine areas.
  • Wine is Like Music: Musician’s taste a wine and then play what they taste on the spot!

We have had so many “Guests” on our podcast, where we go deep into their expertise in the wine world, that we didn’t include them on this page but if you want to see a complete list of the episodes we have a guest or two, simply click HERE.

We also have our Wine Time Fridays Charity Sips: A Toast to Good Deeds, where we highlight a non-profit or charity.

So, please take a peek below and start diving in yourself to some of these different series and the stories that come with them. #Cheersing

Women in Wine

Indulge in the empowering world of wine with our podcast series, ‘Women in Wine.’ Join us for engaging conversations as we uncork the stories of trailblazing women, from accomplished sommeliers to visionary winery owners and masterful winemakers. Each episode is a celebration of resilience, passion and expertise, offering a glimpse into the triumphs and challenges of women shaping the vineyards and wine culture. From captivating tales of the cellar to insights on navigating the industry, ‘Women in Wine’ is your ticket to a flavorful journey through the remarkable achievements of these inspiring women. Toast to their success with us and savor the rich blend of stories in every episode!

Episode 198 – Vintages & Virtue: Crafting Sustainability & Flavor with Peju’s Sara Fowler

Peju Winemaker, Sara Fowler

In this episode of our Women in Wine series, Shelley and Phil sit down with Sara Fowler, Winemaker at Peju Winery. Named “Best Local Winemaker” by Napa Valley Life magazine for three consecutive years, Fowler shares her journey starting in vineyards and cellars at Kendall-Jackson before studying enology and becoming a winemaker. She has supervised Peju’s estates since 2006, transitioning them to organic farming under her leadership. Listeners learn how Sara has guided the Napa Valley estate’s six vineyards across four sub-AVAs according to her philosophies of sustainability, flavor and balance. The episode includes a tasting of three Peju wines made under her direction: a Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and innovative blended red called Barrel EXP. Fowler discusses her winemaking approach and vision for Peju, offering insights inspiring for others seeking to make their impact in the California wine industry, particularly for women in the field.

Episode 191 – Pourfection in a Bottle: Rocky Pond Winemaker Liz Keyser’s Revelations

Liz Keyser, Rocky Pond Winemaker

In this episode, Shelley and Phil sat down and had a great conversation with Rocky Pond winemaker, Liz Keyser, while tasting through four of their amazing wines! In this episode we learn about the new Rocky Reach AVA, which is located along the Columbia River Gorge and was officially recognized in July 2023, as well as Liz’s story and how Rocky Pond came to be! Liz has worked in winemaking all over the world and she brings to this episode a wealth of knowledge! 

Episode 188 – Breaking Down Barriers & Stereotypes: Unveiling the Wines & Women of IOLA Wines with Marilee Bramhall

Marilee Bramhall

In this episode, buckle up as Shelley and Phil embark on another thrilling adventure beyond the borders of the United States for the second consecutive week! This time, we’re jet-setting to uncover the captivating story of Marilee Bramhall, the trailblazing founder of Iola Wines. With nearly a decade entrenched in the heart of the US wine industry and fueled by a passion ignited during extensive travels and studies of European wine havens, Marilee discovered a mission: to spotlight the brilliance of women winemakers, whose talent rivals that of their esteemed French and Italian counterparts. Grab a glass, sit back and enjoy as we uncork the secrets behind these extraordinary wines and delve into the remarkable narrative of Marilee’s journey.

Episode 175 – Shae Frichette brings the thunder for this one!

Shae Frichette followed her passion for wine to Washington State after a coin toss led her away from a career in sunny California. With extensive experience in facilitation and corporate coaching, Shae was eager to blend her skillset with winemaking. She embarked on a journey of education, hiring a mentor and getting hands-on experience in the vineyards.

Shae Frichette

In 2013, after many doors closed before an opportunity opened, Shae and her husband Greg purchased a 15-acre property on Red Mountain, one of Washington’s finest AVAs. They founded Frichette Winery to produce premium varietals showcasing the unique terroir. Today, Shae enjoys all aspects of running the 3,000 case winery – winemaking, vineyard work, leadership of a 10-person team, and hosting guests from around the world.

Through persistence, business acumen and a deep passion for wine, Shae transformed her dream into a thriving family winery. At Frichette Winery, she enables others to experience the magic of Red Mountain through her artful wines and warm hospitality.

Episode 173Washington Wine Month Part 2: Making Beautiful Things at Brook & Bull Cellars with Winemaker, Ashley Trout

Ashley Trout

In this episode, the 2nd of Washington Wine Month, Shelley and Phil sit down with Ashley Trout, Winemaker at Brook & Bull Cellars to learn all about her story while tasting through her beautiful wines. Brook & Bull focuses on producing fine varietals and untraditional blends with a low oak profile, purposely highlighting vintage variation and  showing Washington State terroir. And since International Prosecco Day is on Sunday, we start off with a LaMarca Prosecco, too! Let’s get to it!

Episode 165Janet Northrup, with husband, C.J., with Famici Wine

Janet Northrup wears many hats at Famici Wine, the winery and estate vineyard she owns with her husband C.J. As vineyard manager, heart and soul of the operation as well as one of the winemakers (along with C.J.), Janet pours her boundless energy into every aspect of the business.

Janet Northrup

Beginning as just a dream, Janet helped transform their vision into a thriving vineyard and tasting room through perseverance, hard work, and caring for every detail herself. Alongside C.J., she tends the estate vineyard, operating effectively as vineyard worker, winemaker, floor sweeper and glass washer.

To match her versatility, Janet enlisted a network of “Famici” – close friends and family who share her pioneering spirit – to help the dream grow. Their communal efforts have taken Famici from bare land to a bustling vineyard producing distinctive wines solely from their estate fruits.

Through it all, Janet’s passion and dedication drive Famici forward. More than just an owner or winemaker, she breathes life into the winery through fierce dedication to craft, community and coaxing the best from each vintage.

Episode 038 – Laureen Betts shares stories of her time with Mr. Mondavi

This rendition of our Women in Wine series takes a delightful detour from typical podcast lengths, channeling the spirit of a fireside chat with a dear friend. Joining Shelley and Phil is Laureen Betts, a former neighbor of theirs with a treasure trove of stories from her years at the legendary Robert Mondavi Winery.

Laureen Betts

Laureen isn’t just any winery veteran; she was there during a pivotal time, working at the winery with Robert Mondavi, a visionary who revolutionized the California wine industry. Prepare to be captivated as Laureen paints a vivid picture of those groundbreaking days, filled with passion, innovation, and of course, exceptional wine.

But this episode isn’t just a history lesson. Laureen also shares personal anecdotes, offering a glimpse into the vibrant world of working at Robert Mondavi. You’ll hear stories that will make you laugh, inspire you and maybe even give you a newfound appreciation for the dedication that goes into crafting a world-class bottle.

So, uncork your favorite Mondavi selection, settle in for a longer-than-usual episode, and prepare to be transported to the heart of California’s wine revolution. This conversation with Laureen Betts is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates a good story, a legendary glass of wine and the remarkable women who shape the industry.

Episode 96 – Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Gaiter with Husband John Brecher

This episode is a true highlight in our Wine Time Fridays journey! Dottie and John were the catalyst for Shelley and Phil’s wine journey, our gateway inspiration, if you will. Their book, “Love by the Glass” is one we are constantly touting to anyone who will listen and we’ve given more than a handful away.

But this is about women in wine, so a little about Dottie:

Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Gaitor

For over four decades, Dorothy “Dottie” Gaiter has shared her profound passion for wine with audiences worldwide. As the visionary creator and writer of The Wall Street Journal’s landmark “Tastings” column from 1998 to 2010, Dottie helped introduce fine wine to a vast new readership.

Building on a storied career in journalism at top outlets like The New York Times and The Miami Herald, Dottie brings insight, authority and wit to every subject she touches. Through her beloved column, best-selling books and countless TV appearances including as a frequent guest of Martha Stewart, Dottie has charmed and educated viewers with her charisma and encyclopedic knowledge.

An iconic figure of the modern wine scene, Dottie established the holiday tradition of “Open That Bottle Night” with her husband John Brecher to spread the joy of sharing a bottle with loved ones. After over four decades of studying and tasting wines, Dottie continues to inspire others to appreciate the pleasures of the grape.

Episode 67 – A Conversation With Jody Elsom of Elsom Cellars

For this special tasting extravaganza, Shelley and Phil welcomed urban wine pioneer Jody Elsom of Elsom Cellars for an in-depth look at her groundbreaking Seattle winery. Over the course of six pours, Jody treated listeners to little-known insights into crafting world-class Washington wines amidst the city bustle.

Jody Elsom

Under Jody’s skilled tutelage, fans gained new appreciation for varietals like Malbec and Grenache, nurtured in the winery’s unique urban tanks. Between samples, Jody charmed with colorful anecdotes about persevering as Washington’s first certified urban winery and inspiring others to follow her innovative approach.

Listeners left no doubt that Elsom Cellars’ boutique bottlings deserve places in aficionados’ cellars alongside the most lauded Washington Wine offerings. Thanks to Shelley and Phil’s convivial hosting, fans departed brimming with enthusiasm to seek out the wines for themselves either at Elsom’s tasting room or through their exclusive online offerings. It was the ideal preamble for new Washington wine explorations in the year ahead.

Episode 55 – Coco Umiker, with husband Karl, of Clearwater Canyon Cellars

Coco Umiker is a third-generation winemaker pursuing her passion for grape-growing and liquid artistry. While earning degrees in microbiology and molecular biology from the University of Idaho and Washington State University, Coco established Umiker Estate Vineyard and Clearwater Canyon Cellars on her family’s century-old farm in Lewiston, Idaho.

Coco Umiker, Winemaker

Driven by scientific curiosity and artistic vision, Coco obtained her Ph.D. researching wine spoilage microorganisms. Now she shares her expertise at industry events while crafting unique wines that explore each vintage’s inherent characters. Through natural vineyard practices and a deep understanding of wine science, Coco transforms grapes into liquid artworks that change with each new growing season.

Beyond winemaking, Coco remains an innovator. She is always experimenting with new techniques in her cellar, pushing boundaries to transform the grapes from her pristine vineyard into nuanced expressions of terroir and trademark Idaho wines. More scientist than artist, Coco approaches each bottle as an opportunity for discovery, letting nature’s variations inspire her quest to expand appreciation for fine wines from an unconventional region.

With her husband, Karl, they are a power couple in the wine industry, a true dynamic duo! And in this episode they share a wealth of knowledge about wine, in general, and Clearwater Canyon Cellars, specifically.

Episode 37Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson Sips Schramsberg, J. Lohr & Hertelendy in The One Wine Glasses

Shelley and Phil launched the second season of Wine Time Fridays in the best way possible – sitting down with Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson for an illuminating tasting extravaganza. Between pours of three standout wines perfectly showcased in Andrea’s ingenious One Wine stemware, listeners were treated to an abundance of her renowned expertise.

Andrea Robinson, M.S.

Andrea regaled fans with colorful stories from her storied career helping countless others discover their inner sommelier through her transformative educational programs and scholarship fund. She also divulged the rigorous work that went into developing the extremely versatile stemware, The One Wine glasses, now gracing wine lovers’ homes worldwide.

Throughout the expansive conversation, Andrea’s contagious passion and encyclopedic knowledge led tasters on a exploration of balancing structure, acidity and more. Shelley and Phil saw to it that fans emerged with a renewed enthusiasm for the relationships between wine, grapes and terroir to kick off the new year – and season – in the highest of spirits. It was the ideal toast to ever more delicious discoveries ahead.

From Games to Grapes

Both Shelley and Phil are huge sports fans and Phil spent much of his earlier years as an athlete himself, playing football, basketball and tennis competitively. In this our series, “From Games to Grapes,” we engage in captivating conversations with former professional athletes who have transitioned from the world of sports to the realm of winemaking. Join us as we explore the journeys, challenges and successes of these remarkable individuals who have found their passion for winemaking after the glory of playing major professional sports. From baseball to basketball, football to soccer, we’ll dive into their personal stories, discussing their motivations, experiences and the unique insights they bring to the world of wine. Discover the fascinating connections between the discipline and dedication of athletics and the artistry and craftsmanship of winemaking. Join us as we uncork the stories behind these inspiring athletes turned vintners in our Wine Time Fridays series, “From Games to Grapes.”

Episode 171 – Going Long and Closing Deals with 7Cellars Co-Founder & CEO, Jeff Sperbeck

Jeff Sperbeck

Dive into a delightful virtual tasting adventure with Shelley and Phil as they share laughter and insights via Zoom with Jeff Sperbeck, the co-founder and CEO of 7Cellars. In this lively episode of Wine Time Fridays, explore the unique journey of Jeff, John Elway, and Rob Mondavi, Jr., as they craft exceptional California wines. From navigating the challenges of Covid to heartwarming tales of philanthropy and the unexpected appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, this episode is a rollercoaster of stories. Sip along as they taste through the five exquisite wines 7Cellars has to offer and uncover the fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes of a business manager for professional athletes. It’s not just wine, it’s a toast to the extraordinary tales of entrepreneurship and camaraderie!

Episode 136 – From Games to Grapes – We Doubleback, Passing Time With Apple Cup Memories While Tasting Phenomenal Washington Wine

Damon Huard

In this first Games to Grapes episode, we have two guests that have gone from game day to grape day, Damon Huard of Passing Time Winery and Drew Bledsoe of Doubleback Winery and Bledsoe Family Winery. You may recognize them from their earlier careers when both were quarterbacks, having great college and pro careers. Drew played for the Cougars of Washington State and Damon played for the Huskies of Washington.

Drew Bledsoe

They had successful careers playing football in the NFL, too (combined 26 years!) and now have used what they learned in the ultimate team sport to transition into having successful careers in the world of wine, historically an enormously competitive industry. In this episode you will find SOME trash talking over the annual Apple Cup game and the rivalry between the two cross-state schools, but you will also find the respect over each others wine is genuine.

Old World Wines vs New World Wines

Introducing our Old World vs New World series, where we delve into the exciting world of wine by comparing old world and new world styles. Join us as we explore the nuances and differences between classics like White Burgundy and new world Chardonnay, Red Burgundy and new world Pinot Noir as well as Red Bordeaux and new world Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. We’ll discuss the advantages and characteristics of each style, highlighting their unique flavors, aging potential and food pairing suggestions. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just starting your wine journey, this series is your guide to understanding and appreciating the diverse range of wines from around the world. Join us for a glass and let’s uncover the fascinating world of old world vs new world!

Episode 203 – Old World vs New World: Riesling

This is our second run at Old World and New World Riesling. The first first one was in episode 099. In this episode we taste through the distinct styles of Old World and New World Riesling. Riesling is one of the most food-friendly and age-worthy varieties, but its expression varies dramatically based on terroir and climate. We’ll start in the Old World regions of Germany and Alsace, France, where cool climates produce delicate yet complex Rieslings with floral, mineral and lemon citrus flavors balanced by refreshing acidity. Then we’ll cross the Atlantic to one of the premier New World Riesling regions – Washington State (yep, right in our back yard!. The warmer climate there allows the grapes to ripen fully, resulting in riper, peachier expressions with hints of honey and tropical fruit. After nosing and sipping our way through these contrasting styles, we discuss how Riesling adapts to its surroundings and debate which version we prefer. And one of these surprised us with its sweetness! Which one was it? You’ll have to listen to the episode!

Episode 201 – Old World vs New World: Nebbiolo

In this episode we taste the iconic Nebbiolo variety through Old World and New World expressions. Nebbiolo thrives in the soils of Italy’s Piedmont region, where it produces the renowned Barbaresco and Barolo wines acclaimed for their complexity, structure and longevity. We’ll start with a Washington State Nebbiolo to observe how higher sugars and warmer climate affect the varietal, giving riper fruit flavors like cherries and plums with soft, approachable tannins for earlier drinking. Then we’ll pour a Barbaresco to experience Nebbiolo’s perfumed notes of roses, tar and cranberries with lively acidity. Finally, we’ll taste a Barolo to appreciate how silky tannins develop with age. After experiencing these regional styles, we’ll consider Nebbiolo’s ability to adapt while maintaining varietal character.

This episode was also a part of our annual Open That Bottle Night because we had been sitting on this Barolo for a long time and that’s what OTBN is all about!

Episode 176 – Old World vs New World: Sangiovese

In this episode, we’re coming to you from the city of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, and going Old World vs New World as we taste through three Sangiovese’s, including a Chianti Classico. This episode isn’t just about picking a favorite between Old World and New. It’s a celebration of Sangiovese’s global journey, exploring how terroir, climate and winemaking philosophies shape its diverse expressions. Buckle up for a journey to Chianti Classico, the heartland of Sangiovese. We’ll be uncorking a bottle carefully chosen by Lindsay and Brian during their Tuscan escapade this spring, in honor of National Chianti Day. We also open a Sangiovese from Washington State!

Episode 120 – Old World vs New World: Chardonnay

Shelley and Phil are back, and this time, they’re taking a familiar friend on a thrilling Old World vs. New World adventure: Chardonnay! Join them as they uncork two exceptional bottles and embark on a journey of contrasting landscapes and captivating flavors.

One sip transports you to the sun-drenched vineyards of California, where Chardonnay basks in golden rays and bursts with fruit-forward sunshine. The other whisks you away to the misty hills of Burgundy, France, where cool breezes whisper tales of minerality and elegance in every drop of this Chablis. Both of these are quality Chardonnay’s that you can pick up in Coeur D’alene. Are they different? You bet! Grab a bottle of each and see for yourself!

Episode 107 – Old World vs New World: Sauvignon Blanc

On this special episode centered around International Sauvignon Blanc Day, Shelley and Phil had the pleasure of being joined by Tom Durbin, the esteemed wine buyer for Studio 107 in our charming city of Coeur D’alene, Idaho. Despite his soft-spoken demeanor, Tom effortlessly captivated the audience with his deep reservoir of wine knowledge. As the episode unfolded, they embarked on a delightful tasting adventure, exploring Sauvignon Blancs from three distinct regions of the world: New Zealand, California, and the renowned Sancerre region in France, as a part of our Old World vs New World Series. Whether a novice or a seasoned connoisseur, this episode left no doubt that Sauvignon Blanc is indeed a wine worth celebrating. The melange of flavors, aromas, and stories brought to life by Shelley, Phil and Tom made for an unforgettable experience that would inspire any wine lover to raise their glass in appreciation.

Episode 099 – Old World vs New World: Riesling

In this episode, Shelley and Phil pay tribute to International Riesling Day which is on March 13 every year. In this episode, Shelley and Phil taste an old world German dry Riesling from Schmitt Söhne as well as a new world dry Riesling from Pacific Rim Wines. Grab your favorite Riesling, sit back, and taste along with them.

Episode 093 – Old World vs New World: Pinot Noir

Embark on a tantalizing journey with Shelley and Phil in this extraordinary episode of Wine Time Fridays! Join us as we immerse ourselves in the intricate world of Pinot Noir, exploring the finesse of an Old World Pinot Noir from the storied vineyards of Burgundy, elegantly juxtaposed with the vibrant notes of a New World counterpart from Oregon. This tasting experience is a celebration of terroir, craftsmanship, and the exquisite differences that define each sip.

Pinot Noir, hailed as the darling grape of many, takes center stage for its unrivaled versatility in food pairings. Discover the magic of this beloved varietal as Shelley and Phil guide you through a sensory odyssey, unlocking the secrets that make Pinot Noir a favorite amongst wine enthusiasts.

Indulge your palate by picking up one of these showcased wines or elevate your tasting session with your favorite Pinot Noir. Whichever you choose, this episode promises to enhance your appreciation for the artistry and allure of Pinot Noir. Cheers to the joy of discovery and the delightful world of Wine Time Fridays!

Wine Travels

Embark on a virtual odyssey through some of the world’s most enchanting wine destinations with our Wine Time Fridays podcast series, ‘Wine Travels.’ Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes of renowned vineyards, rolling hills and charming wineries, all from the comfort of your screen. Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of illustrious wine regions, each episode a passport to the diverse flavors, stories and cultures that make wine travel an exquisite journey. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious novice, let the captivating visuals and engaging narratives transport you to the heart of wine country. Sip, savor and wander with us on this extraordinary Wine Travel adventure!

Paso Robles September 24-28, 2023 – Five Episodes

Shelley and Phil’s trip to Paso Robles was a long time coming! They met up with Phil’s daughter and son-in-law, no strangers as guests to the podcast, and spent a very busy few days visiting wineries, tasting wines and just enjoying each others company while working in some recordings with top notch Paso Robles wineries.

Episode 180 – Paso Robles Part 1 – Tablas Creek: Wine from the Heart of Two Worlds

Tablas Creek Vineyard

For their Paso Robles adventure, Shelley and Phil kicked things off at the renowned Tablas Creek Vineyard with Tablas Creek Wine Consultant Lisa Rainey. Lisa took the listeners on an informative tasting journey through six of Tablas Creek’s highly acclaimed wines. As the tasting unfolded, Lisa provided fascinating anecdotes about the winery’s clones which date back to France, their dry-farming methods inspired by Provençal traditions, and philosophy of lettings the grapes fully express their unique Paso terroir.

Through Shelley and Phil’s lively dialogue with Lisa, listeners gained a richer understanding of the science, history and passion behind Tablas Creek’s celebrated approach. The episode offered both novices and enthusiasts alike new perspectives on this pioneering vineyard’s multigenerational dedication to crafting wines of uncompromising quality in the heart of Paso Robles wine country.

Episode 182Nothing Unlucky About THIS Episode – Paso Robles Part 2: Peachy Canyon & Winemaker Drew Phillips

For part two of their Paso Robles adventure, Shelley, Phil and crew looked to defy any Friday the 13th bad luck vibes by visiting the pioneering Peachy Canyon estate. There, they engaged in a masterclass with veteran Winemaker Drew Phillips, who pulled back the curtain on Peachy’s lauded range through an in-depth tasting of four standout selections.

Peachy Canyon Winery

Drew treated listeners to colorful origin stories and insights accrued from his esteemed career crafting nuanced wines that epitomize the region’s diversity. Joining the discussion with their usual verve, and as our newly designated, DPT (Different Perspective Team) were Lindsay and Brian LaFaille, who are not strangers on this podcast.

Between Drew’s technical lens into viticultural decisions and lively anecdotes about Peachy Canyon’s evolution, fans gained new perspectives on elevating Paso to worldwide acclaim. Thanks to Shelley and Phil’s engaging facilitation, listeners finished the Friday the 13th experience not just luckier, but wiser in the ways of one of Paso’s true pioneers leading its renaissance.

Episode 183 – Fasten Your Seatbelt for Paso Robles Part 3: Levo Vineyard & Lizz Sevin!

Levo Vineyards

As their Paso Robles 2023 adventure continued, Shelley, Phil and the Wine Time Fridays crew visited the picturesque Tin City area to experience the tight-knit community at Levo Vineyard. There, they sat down with the winery’s engaging Direct to Consumer Manager, Lizz Sevin, who provided lively insights into Levo’s story and philosophy.

Between tastes of Levo’s elegant Rhone-style wines sourced from esteemed estate vineyards, Lizz shared colorful anecdotes about Levo’s founding, evolution and vision and goals for the future.

True to Wine Time Fridays’ down-to-earth style, the episode shone a spotlight on Levo’s contributions to Paso Robles’ vibrant artisan culture through spirited yet informal discussion. Listeners experienced first-hand the charming camaraderie, regional pride and relentless optimism that has seen the Tin City community through ever-changing times.

Episode 184 – Paso Robles Part 4: A Conversation with Brad Van de Lune with Paso Robles Wine Icon JUSTIN Vineyards

JUSTIN Tasting Room

For their next Paso Robles adventure, Shelley, Phil and crew ventured to the iconic JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery. There, Tasting Room Manager Brad Van de Lune treated them to an inside look at this pioneering estate in a highly classified secret location. (Shhhhh…..)

Brad, a passionate wine industry veteran, shone a light on JUSTIN’s illustrious history dating back to the 1980s. Listeners learned how the winery’s philosophy of sustainability and minimal intervention has nurtured distinctive wines true to the ancient limestone soils of Paso Robles over decades.

Between tastes of JUSTIN’s flagship varietals and single vineyard cuvées, Brad offered keen insights into the nuances that make each vintage uniquely express the region’s terroir while he decoded the debated pronunciation of “Paso Robles”!

As always, the down-to-earth yet entertaining conversation brought both novice and connoisseur listeners closer to understanding what has cemented JUSTIN’s place among California’s most storied wine country landmarks.

Episode 186 – Paso Robles Part 5: Chris Burns with Turtle Rock Vineyards

Shelley, Phil and crew brought their Paso Robles adventure to a fitting finish with a visit to the acclaimed Turtle Rock Vineyards in charming Tin City. There, they engaged in spirited conversation with Winemaker Chris Burns, who exemplifies the region’s down-home charm.

Turtle Rock

Listeners were treated to Chris’ passion for these meticulously crafted wines that are true to each vineyard, along with colorful anecdotes covering topics from his football fandom to the rewards of trusting one’s palate. Throughout the engrossing tasting, Chris’ contagious enthusiasm for Turtle Rock’s exceptional estate Rhône varieties shone through.

As the final pours highlighted Turtle Rock’s mastery of Grenache, and Syrah, as well as the lesser known varietals of Mataro, Graciano and Picpoul, it was clear why this gem continues to receive global acclaim. The episode brought Shelley and Phil’s memorable Paso exploration full circle with a tasting that will inspire future pilgrimages to this crown jewel of the region.

Walla Walla – October 27-29, 2021

Episode 80The Walla Walla Incubator Program – Introducing Eternal Wines, Hoquetus Wines & Itä Wines

Shelley and Phil pulled back the curtain on the evolving Walla Walla wine scene by focusing on three innovative startups currently in the respected Incubator Program.

Walla Walla Incubators

As the conversation flowed, fans learned first-hand what it takes to establish yourself as a startup in the wine industry while benefiting from the Incubator’s support network. The winemakers also shared their distinct visions as embodied in diverse portfolios ranging from Bordeaux varietals to Italian-inspired blends.

Between samples, Shelley and Phil’s contagious enthusiasm was surpassed only by these burgeoning talents’ drive and passion for crafting cool-climate treasures sure to attract widespread acclaim. The Walla Walla Incubator program has long been an impressive model for folks trying to carve out their own niche in the wine world. Shelley and Phil try to visit often.

Episode 83A Conversation with Seven Hills Winemaker, Bobby Richards

Seven Hills Winemaker, Bobby Richards

Despite the downpour outside, Shelley and Phil found cozy refuge at Seven Hills for an illuminating tasting and discussion with the winery’s energetic new Winemaker Bobby Richards. Unafraid to pull back the curtain, Bobby treated listeners to candid insights as we all sampled no less than six of Seven Hills’ exceptional wines.

As pours of Seven Hills’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pentad Red Blend flowed, Bobby divulged intriguing details on everything from oak barrel selection and toast levels to his personal winemaking philosophies.

Through the echoing rain and within the tasting room’s inviting ambiance, fans experienced an immersive virtual visit to Seven Hills. Bobby’s infectious passion left no doubt as to why this landmark winery continues redefining the celebrated Walla Walla appellation under his skilled direction. Shelley and Phil saw to it that listeners departed with enhanced knowledge and cheer to ride out even the dreariest of autumn days.

Wine is Like Music

Just like sports, Shelley and Phil REALLY enjoy music! Sometimes wine is LIKE music in its nuances and harmonies. So we created a series all about that! Introducing our captivating, “Wine is Like Music,” series where we combine the harmonious worlds of wine and music. Join us as we embark on a sensory journey, exploring the intricate relationship between wine and melodies. In each episode, we invite a talented musician who not only writes and performs music but also possesses a deep appreciation for the art that is wine. Together, we taste through various wines while the musician composes and performs original music that reflects the essence of each wine. As we sip and savor, we’ll delve into the aromas, flavors and textures of the wines, allowing the musical interpretations to transport us into a world where wine and sound intertwine. Art comes in many forms. Uncover the symphony of flavors and notes in “Wine is Like Music,” where we celebrate the fusion of two timeless passions that evoke emotions, inspire, and awaken our senses.

Episode 66Wine is Like Music Jazz Tasting with Phil Mershon

Phil Mershon

In their insightful “Wine is Like Music” series exploring the parallels between vintages and melodies, Shelley and Phil finally brought the concepts together in the most artistic of ways. Captivating listeners with his saxophone, special guest Phil Mershon treated fans to a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory journey.

Through three distinct pours – a Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay, La Crema Pinot Noir and Alamos Malbec – Mershon skillfully translated the wines’ complex layers of flavor and texture into spirited improvisational solos. Playing entirely ad lib, his nimble instrumentation captured the nuanced personalities of each varietal, terroir and style with astounding fidelity.

Shelley and Phil hosted with their signature verve, weaving in keen insights and anecdotes that deepened appreciation for Mershon’s virtuosity. Listeners were left with new perspectives on the powerful parallels between tasting notes and musical tones and textures. It was a fitting and unforgettable culmination to their thought-provoking series.

Episode 109 – Wine is Like Music Acoustic Guitar Tasting With Tod Hornby

Tod Hornby

Shelley and Phil brought their insightful exploration of wine’s parallels to melody full circle with another one-of-a-kind multi-sensical experience. For this highly anticipated tasting, they welcomed versatile musician Tod Hornby – creator of our very Wine Time Fridays theme song!

Over the course of three pours, Tod treated listeners to live improvised compositions inspired by each wine, effortlessly channeling their complex essences through fluid melodies on guitar. As with Mershon’s saxophone interpretations, in episode 66, Tod captured the individual flavor profiles and personalities and personalities of a Chardonnay, Mourvèdre and Syrah, with astounding accuracy and artistry.

Throughout, Shelley and Phil engaged Tod in lively dialogue, deepening fans’ understanding of crafting music as intentionally as blending batches.

Episode 199 – Harmony on the Vine: Wine is Like Music Jazz Piano Tasting with Barry Aiken Episode

In this episode, Shelley and Phil, as well as you the listener, are treated to a true music creator, inspired by each wine we’re tasting through. Continuing the idea that Phil Mershon shared with us, in this episode, we explore the intersection of wine and music as Barry Aiken lays down a symphony of sound on his piano, based on what he’s tasting. Barry is no one trick pony. He can play it all! In this episode, we talk music, jazz, blues and of course, wine. He even knocks out a deep cut Billy Joel tune, out of the blue! Grab one of these wines or your own, sit back and enjoy this the magic of a true musician in action.