Episode 180 – Paso Robles Part 1 – Tablas Creek: Wine from the Heart of Two Worlds

Episode 180 – Paso Robles Part 1 – Tablas Creek: Wine from the Heart of Two Worlds Episode 180 – Paso Robles Part 1 – Tablas Creek: Wine from the Heart of Two Worlds

In today’s episode, Shelley and Phil start their Paso Robles journey with a delicious lineup at Tablas Creek Vineyard. Tablas Creek wines are known for their elegance, complexity, and balance and today we’ll taste six of their wines while we learn about the unique history and philosophy behind this winery with Wine Consultant, Lisa Rainey. #HappyFriday! #ItsWineTime! #Cheersing #PasoTarantula 

Read Shelley’s blog post about our Tablas Creek stop by clicking HERE.

Wines this episode:   

To check out all of the delicious wines of Tablas Creek Vineyard, please visit https://tablascreek.com  

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The CDA Gourmet Wine Word of the Week – Dry Farming

Dry farming is a method of crop production in arid or semi-arid regions that relies on the efficient storage and use of limited moisture in the soil. In other words, it’s growing crops without irrigation, or with very little irrigation. Dry farming is a sustainable and climate-resilient way to grow food in regions with limited water resources.

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Wines we enjoyed this week: Equoia Pinot Noir, 7Cellars Elway’s Reserve Chardonnay, Elephant Seven Syrah, Bledsoe Family Winery Elizabeth Chardonnay and Lindsay Creek Chardonnay.

Mentions: Robert Haas, Jean-Pierre Perrin, Jason Haas, Robert Mondavi, Liberty Lake Wine Cellars.

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Paso Robles Part 1: Tablas Creek

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