2024 Wine Days

2024 Wine Days 2024 Wine Days

We LOVE wine days! It’s a chance for us to try things we may not or have forgotten about! With that in mind, we have created an extensive calendar of international and national Wine Days throughout the year to help you celebrate your favorite varietals and styles each month. The 2024 calendar lists over 60 special days honoring everything from Champagne and Rosé to more obscure grapes like Furmint and Tannat.

Holidays are organized by month as well as alphabetically by grape variety or type for easy reference. Each date includes a brief description of what it commemorates, such as National Wine Day encouraging appreciation of diversity. Shelley and Phil hope the calendar will inspire episode topic ideas and seasonal tasting adventures for oenophiles to explore different wines with intentionality.

The detailed list serves as a fun planning tool for both novices and connoisseurs. We hope our listeners will mark special days on their calendars months in advance to indulge in the wines being celebrated. Whether hosting a special varietal-themed dinner party or seeking a new bottle to discover, the Wine Days calendar offers endless reasons to raise a glass throughout the year.

By Date (see by grape variety below):


10th Champagne and French Fries Day

22nd National Wine Day (United States) – A day to celebrate and enjoy a glass of wine, appreciating the diversity of varietals and regions.

27th International Riesling Day – A day dedicated to celebrating Riesling, a versatile white wine known for its floral aromas and acidity.

28th International Syrah Day – A day to recognize Syrah/Shiraz, a red wine with bold flavors of dark fruits, spices, and often a hint of pepper.


1st International Furmint #FurmintDay

2nd Happy Birthday to South African Wine Day – #HappyBirthdaySAWine

5th Rosé Day – Australia and New Zealand

14th International Champagne Day – A day to indulge in the elegance and effervescence of Champagne, a sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France.

16th Syrah Day – A day to appreciate Syrah, a red wine grape variety known for producing bold, earthy wines with flavors of black pepper and dark fruit.

18th National Drink Wine Day (United States) – A day to raise a glass and enjoy your favorite wine, celebrating the culture and joy of wine drinking.

24th Open That Bottle Night (International) – A night to open and savor a special bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for a memorable occasion.

March is first Washington Wine Month

3rd Mulled Wine Day – International – A day to enjoy warm, spiced wine drinks and bring some winter coziness year-round.

5th Global Nebbiolo Day – International – A celebration of Nebbiolo, the grape behind Barolo and Barbaresco wines known for their elegant tannins and rose petal aromas.

13th Riesling Day – International – Dedicated to versatile Riesling, prized for its minerality, lovely acidity and ability to age gracefully for decades.

26th International Viognier Day – International – In appreciation of aromatic Viognier’s peachy flavors and floral perfumes which make it a food-friendly white.

27th World Marselan Day – International – Recognizing Marselan, a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache producing rich yet elegant reds often found in the Rhone Valley.


14th Tannat – International – Honoring Tannat, the high tannin grape of Madiran used to craft bold, age-worthy reds with notes of plum, blackberry and truffle.

17th Malbec World Day – International – A day to indulge in and learn more about Malbec, Argentina’s signature grape producing wines with nuanced berry and pepper flavors.

May is Oregon Wine Month

3rd International Sauvignon Blanc Day – International #SauvBlancDay – Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile white grape known for its balanced acidity and flavors ranging from citrus to grassy depending on region.

9th World Moscato – International

16th International Ezerjó Day – International

17th Pinot Grigio – National – Pinot Grigio is an elegant Italian white wine often displaying lemon, lime and floral aromas with a dry, crisp palate.

21st World Chardonnay Day – International – Chardonnay is one of the most widely planted white grapes, producing wines ranging from richly oaked styles to steely and mineral-driven depending on terroir.

23rd International Chardonnay Day – International – Celebrated on the Thursday before the last Monday of May and created by Rick Bakas.

24th Anniversary of Judgement of Paris

25th Wine Day – National #NationalWineDay – A day celebrate wine and all it brings to the table, both literally and culturally.

June is Idaho Wine Month

4th Cheese Day – National

5th Bubbly Day

10th Durif Day – National #DurifDay – Durif is a hearty red grape used to produce bold wines with concentrated berry flavors well-suited to grilled meats and stews.

10th National Rosé Day – National – Rosé is a versatile pink wine enjoyed by many due to its refreshing dry quality and ability to pair with a variety of foods.

11th-16th Prosecco Week – National

16th Drink Chenin Blanc Day – International – Chenin Blanc is renowned for its versatility, producing still and sparkling wines from bone dry to off dry and even sweet styles with flavors ranging from tropical to honeyed.

20th Drink Chenin Blanc Day – National

21st World Lambrusco Day – International

22nd International Rosé Day – International


1st week of July – Sparkling Wine – International

12th International Cava Day – International #CavaDay – Cava is a quality sparkling wine made using the same method as Champagne, produced primarily in Spain’s Catalan region.

25th Wine and Cheese Day – International – A celebration of wine’s ability to beautifully complement the flavors in cheese from around the world.

25th Shiraz Day – International – Shiraz is the name for Syrah in Australia where it thrives, producing bold wines expressing leather, pepper and dark fruit flavors.

August is second Washington Wine Month

1st International Albariño Day – International

1st-5th Albariño Week – International – A week-long celebration of Albariño, a refreshing white wine grape variety primarily grown in Spain’s Rías Baixas region.

4th National White Wine Day – National

13th Prosecco Day – International

18th International Pinot Noir Day – International

28th Red Wine Day – National

29th International Cabernet Sauvignon Day – International (Always the Thursday before Labor Day) #CabernetDay – Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most widely planted red wine grapes, producing full-bodied wines with flavors ranging from blackcurrant to tobacco depending on region.

September is Missouri Wine Month

6th National Chianti Day – National

10th International Port Wine Day – International

20th Grenache – International #GrenacheDay – Grenache is a warm weather grape producing medium to full-bodied red wines often blended, displaying flavors ranging from red fruit to dried herbs depending on region.


5th Vranec – International/World

6th National Orange Wine Day – National #NationalOrangeWineDay – Orange wine refers to white wines made like reds, with extended grape-skin contact producing complex, flavorful wines ranging in hue from pale amber to deep copper.

12th Pinotage – International (2nd Saturday in October) – Pinotage is South Africa’s signature variety producing wines with spice and plum flavors, often requiring time to mellow their tannins.

14th International Prokupac – International #ProkupacDay

22nd Austiran Sekt (Sparkler) – International

25th Champagne – International #ChampagneDay – An elegant sparkling wine exclusively produced in the Champagne region of France using secondary fermentation.

26th International Mavrud Day – International

31st Carignan – International (Last Thursday in October) – Carignan grapes yield sturdy reds well-suited to the Mediterranean, with spices and dark fruits on the palate.


1st Xinomavro – International

7th International Merlot Day – International

14th International Tempranillo Day – International #TempranilloDay #Tempranillo – Tempranillo produces structured, age-worthy wines often featuring notes of plum, black cherry and spice.

20th Zinfande Dayl – National (3rd Wednesday of November)

21st Beaujolais Nouveau Day – International (3rd Thursday of November) – Celebrating the first wines of the young Beaujolais vintage, known for their light, juicy cherry and cranberry flavors.

24th International Carménère Day – International


4th Cabernet Franc Day – National

5th Prohibition Repeal Day – National

10th International Tokaj Aszú – International

16th Pinot Meunier Day – International

31st Champagne – National – Ringing in the New Year with a glass of the world’s most celebrated sparkling wine is a time-honored tradition.

Alphabetically by Grape Varietal and Type:

Albariño | August 1

Alvarinho | June 10

Aszú | December 10

Austrian Sekt | October 22

Beaujolais Nouveau | November 16

Bordeaux | June 1

Cabernet Franc | December 4

Cabernet Sauvignon | August 30

Carignan | October 26

Carménère | November 24

Champagne | October 27, December 31

Chardonnay | May 25

Chenin Blanc | June 16, June 20

Chianti | September 1

Furmint | February 1

Grenache | September 15

Lambrusco Day | June 21

Malbec | April 17

Marselan | April 27

Mavrud | October 26

Merlot | November 7

Moscato | May 9

Nebbiolo | March 5

Orange Wine | October 6

Pinot Meunier | December 16

Pinot Noir | August 18

Pinot Grigio | May 17

Pinotage | October 14

Port | September 10

Prokupac | October 14

Prosecco | August 13

Riesling | March 13

Rosé | February 5, June 10, June 23

Sauvignon Blanc | May 5

Shiraz | July 27

Syrah | February 16

Tannat | March 14

Tempranillo | November 9

Viognier | April 29

Vranec | October 5

Xinomavro | November 1

Zinfandel | November 15