Episode 203 – Riesling Renaissance: Old World Meets New at the Crossroads

Episode 203 – Riesling Renaissance: Old World Meets New at the Crossroads Episode 203 – Riesling Renaissance: Old World Meets New at the Crossroads

In todays episode, we raise a glass (or four) in honor of International Riesling Day, which is this coming Wednesday, March 13! Today we’re diving deep into the world of Riesling, exploring its fascinating history, styles and why it deserves a permanent spot on your wine rack. We’ve even incorporated another edition of Old World vs New World with Rieslings from France, Germany (Old World) and Washington State (New World and it’s week two of Washington Wine Month! #HappyFriday! #ItsWineTime! #Cheersing #InternationalRieslingDay #RieslingLove

 Wines this episode:

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The Social Web Wine Word of the Week: Steillage

This German term translates to “steep slope” and refers to vineyards situated on steep inclines. These vineyards can be challenging to cultivate, but they often produce grapes with intense flavor concentration due to the limited sunlight exposure and well-drained soils. Many renowned Old World Riesling producers, particularly in the Mosel valley, source their grapes from steillages, contributing to the unique character of their wines.

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Some Wines we enjoyed this week: La Playa Carménère, Hawk and Horse vineyards Latigo Cabernet Sauvignon, Long Shadows Saggi, J. Bookwalter Readers Merlot, a Pend d’orville Chardonnay, J. Bookwalter Sub Plot and Jacques Reynard Sparkler.

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