Episode 114 – Celebrating Idaho Wine Month With Cinder Wines & Holesinski Vineyard + Winery

Episode 114 – Celebrating Idaho Wine Month With Cinder Wines & Holesinski Vineyard + Winery Episode 114 – Celebrating Idaho Wine Month With Cinder Wines & Holesinski Vineyard + Winery

#HappyFriday! In this episode, Shelley and Phil honor and celebrate Idaho Wine (and Cider) Month one last time…at least for now! Today they’re tasting through a Chardonnay from Cinder Wines and a Buhljolais Rosé of Syrah from Holesinsky Winery. And like the past two episodes, all of these wines are from the Snake River Valley in Southern Idaho. It’s Friday after all! Pull up a chair and pour a glass because it’s time for some very good Idaho Wines! In fact, #ItsWineTime! #Cheersing

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Wines tasted this episode:

  • 2017 Cinder Wines Chardonnay ($38 at CDA Fresh)
  • 2021 Holesinsky Winery and Vineyard Buhljolais Rosé of Syrah ($14 from the winery)

To find out more about Cinder Wines, please visit https://cinderwines.com

To find out more about the Holesinski Vineyard + Winery, please visit https://www.holesinsky.com

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Mentions: Idaho Wine and Cider Month, Cuvée Collective, Charles Smith.

The Social Web Wine Word of the Week: Brix

A unit of measure for sugar in a wine, tested by specific gravity degrees of Brix. One degree Brix is 1 gram of sucrose in 100 grams of solution and represents the strength of the solution as percentage by mass.

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Wines we enjoyed this week:  Barons Winery Petit Barone, Kirkland Signature Kvine Chardonnay and Kirkland Signature Kvine Cabernet Sauvignon.

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