Episode 61 – Red, White & Rosé with the Mann’s – Wines to Celebrate the 4th With

Episode 61 – Red, White & Rosé with the Mann’s – Wines to Celebrate the 4th With Episode 61 – Red, White & Rosé with the Mann’s – Wines to Celebrate the 4th With

In this episode, Shelley and Phil sit down with Sarah and Russell Mann who are, among other things, wine aficionados, entrepreneurs and very good friends. The four of them taste through three wines that will go very well with the upcoming 4th of July celebration as well as talk about two other projects the Mann’s are a part of, Bombastic Brewing and the TREPStory podcast. If you can find these wines, grab them, or something similar, and taste along with them. As is the case with all episodes Russell is a guest on, you’ll want to go ALL the way to the end of the episode for the really good stuff. #JustSayin #HappyFriday! #ItsWineTime 

For more information on Bombastic Brewing, please visit https://www.bombasticbrewing.com

For more information on the TREPStory podcast, please visit https://www.trepstory.com

Wines tasted this episode:

  • 2020 Famille Bougrier Vouvray ($16.99 from The Culinary Stone)
  •  2019 Rue de Perle Vin Rosé 
  •  2017 Vignobles Gueissard Bandol Dry Red Wine ($30.00 from The Culinary Stone)

For more information on Famille Bougrier, please visit http://famille-bougrier.fr/en/a-family-a-story/

For more information on Les Vignobles Gueissard, please visit http://www.vinsdebandol.com/en/caves-domaines-detail/05-caves-et-domaines/59-les-vignobles-gueissard.cfm

A big thanks to our sponsors: 

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Elsom Cellars. Good times are meant to be shared and so are great grapes and great wines! Since 2006, Elsom Cellars has been producing brilliant Washington wines. For more information about Elsom Wines, please visit http://www.elsomcellars.com or call them at 425-298-3082.

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And of course, a HUGE thank you to Tod Hornby who wrote and recorded our official Wine Time Fridays theme music which is anything but average.  Please contact him at  veryaveragemusic@gmail.com 

Other wines we enjoyed this week: Misty Cove Estate Series Sauvignon Blanc, Elouan Pinot Noir, Double Dog Dare Chardonnay, Berryessa Gap Tempranillo, Bodega Norton 1895 Collection Malbec, Hedges Red Mountain Red blend

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