Episode 72 – Celebrating National Chianti Day

Episode 72 – Celebrating National Chianti Day Episode 72 – Celebrating National Chianti Day

We’re baaAAaack! After a Covid forced three week hiatus, Shelley and Phil are BACK in the Wine Time Fridays studio! And this week, it’s all about Chianti! Since today is National Chianti Day, a Chianti is what’s in their glass. Although a few coughs are there, the energy on the episode is noticeable. #HappyFriday! And we can say again, #ItsWineTime! #Cheersing

Wines tasted this episode:

  •  2016 Dellatorri Chianti Riserva D.O.C.G ($16 from Fred Meyer)

A special thanks to our sponosors:

Elsom Cellars and Studio 107

Studio 107. At Studio 107, in the heart of downtown Coeur D’alene, Idaho, we believe that small towns deserve great wines, too!  Come join us in our wine bar and gallery for an afternoon or evening escape. For more information, please visit https://studio107cda.com
Elsom Cellars. Good times are meant to be shared and so are great grapes and great wines! Since 2006, Elsom Cellars has been producing brilliant Washington wines. For more information about Elsom Wines, please visit http://www.elsomcellars.com or call them at 425-298-3082.

And of course, a HUGE thank you to Tod Hornby who wrote and recorded our official Wine Time Fridays theme music (as well as The Social Web sponsorship music!) which is ANYthing but average.  Please contact him at veryaveragemusic@gmail.com

Wine Time Fridays Wine Word of the Week – Body Light, Medium, or FullA wine’s body refers to how much you feel the weight of the wine on your palate (in your mouth). Body isn’t the result of any one particular characteristic in wine, but rather a culmination of several characteristics interacting together as the wine sweeps across your tongue. For example, wines with high alcohol levels (14%+ ABV) or high sweetness give the impression of a fuller body. Depending on your preference and mood, you might like a light-, medium-, or full-bodied wine and can use these three terms to steer the wine steward to the perfect choice.

Mentions: Mentions: Dave Adlard, Sam Doyle, Cave B Estate Winery, Dave Matthews Band

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