Episode 190 – Wines For Christmas and Other Merry & Bright Christmas Tips 

Episode 190 – Wines For Christmas and Other Merry & Bright Christmas Tips  Episode 190 – Wines For Christmas and Other Merry & Bright Christmas Tips 

In today’s episode, Shelley and Phil start getting merry and bright with wines that will go with any holiday and Christmas day, as well as talk about some other tips that might come in handy at this time of year! #HappyFriday! #ItsWineTime! #Cheersing #PeaceOnEarth #ElfReference #Holidayish #BowDownToWashington #GoDawgs #EasterEgg 

Wines featured this episode:

A HUGE thanks to our sponsors:  J. Bookwalter and Bottle Joy!

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The CDA Gourmet Wine Word of the Week – Tirage

Tirage is a crucial step in the production of sparkling wines like Champagne, Cava, and Prosecco. It refers to the process of adding a mixture of yeast and sugar to the still base wine, which triggers a second fermentation inside the bottle. This fermentation is what creates the bubbles that are characteristic of sparkling wines. 

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Mentions: Sam Lange, Lola Wine Lounge, Sarah and Mark Lathrop, Sharalynn Richardson, Madeline Puckett, Wine Folly, John Bookwalter, Edward Holmes.

Wines we enjoyed this week: Le Maupas Côtes du Rhône Villages ‘Séguret’, Foxglove Zinfandel, Catena Cabernet Franc, Diora La Petite Grace Pinot Noir, Rocky Pond Stratastone and our top three…

Our top three: J. Bookwalter 3rd Edition, Novelty Hill Grenache and Saviah Barbera.

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