Episode 195 – Sipping Back with Joy and Curt Grady of Bottle Joy – A Vintage Encore!

Episode 195 – Sipping Back with Joy and Curt Grady of Bottle Joy – A Vintage Encore! Episode 195 – Sipping Back with Joy and Curt Grady of Bottle Joy – A Vintage Encore!

In today’s episode, Shelley and Phil are back in a very unique Speakeasy, sitting across from our good friends, Joy and Curt Grady from Bottle Joy! But wait, we have a surprise special guest appearance, too! Who could it be? You’ll have to listen! But we digress. Curt breaks out some very imaginative wines for this episode and they announce two new wine clubs, so you’ll want to join one (or both) of those before they fill up! In the meantime, #HappyFriday! #ItsWineTime! #Cheersing #WineAndPuppies #LegalShipments #MoanFromTheGallery #ForeignBodies #LaughOff #FastEddie  #SighOfRelease #BottleJoyUnplugged #SipSipHooray #WineTimeWithTheGradys 

Wines this episode:

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The Social Web Wine Word of the Week – Maceration

Maceration refers to the process of soaking crushed grapes in liquid to extract flavors, colors and aromas.

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Mentions:  Sam Lange, Doubleback Winery, Jesse Balsimo, Darrin Halliday, Rivaura, Drew Bledsoe, Edward Holmes, Steve Rogers, Rooted Family Wines, The Greatest Song You’ve Never Heard Podcast, Gruet Winery, John Bookwalter, North Idaho Enological Society, Jordan (again!), Naomi Boutz, Vicino Pizza Neapolitan Style Pizzeria.

Some Wines we enjoyed this week: Shug Brut Rouge De Noirs, L’Ecole No 41 Chardonnay, Montellori Mandorlo White Blend, Va Piano Bruno’s Blend,, Mollydooker The Boxer, Roblar Chardonnay, VDLA Cellars Syrah (J. Bookwalter Collab), and these three:  Dopff & Iron Crustacés, Tormaresca Nèprica Primitivo and Two Vintners Very Necessary.

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