Episode 41 – A New Grape: Furmint!

Episode 41 – A New Grape: Furmint! Episode 41 – A New Grape: Furmint!

#HappyFriday! #ItsWineTime! On this episode we’re learning about a new grape, Furmint! A grape typically from Hungary, and often times a dessert wine, this is a first time experience for Shelley and Phil. We had to special order both of these wines so the liklihood of you tasting through these wines with us is not likely, unless you play it back. If you can find this grape, go for it. It could be dry, sweet or somewhere in between. #FermintDay is Monday, February 1st so find a bottle, give it a go and expand your horizons! 

Wines tasted this episode: 

  • 2018 Paijzos Tokaj Furmint
  • 2015 The Oddity Royal Tokaji

For more information on the 2018 Paijzos Tokaj Furmint please visithttps://www.wine-searcher.com/find/pajzos+antaloczy+cellars+t+furmint+hegyalja+tokay+hungary/2018#t2

For more information on the 2015 The Oddity Royal Tokaji please visithttp://www.royal-tokaji.com/tasting_notes/2015%20Oddity.pdf

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And of course, a HUGE thank you to Tod Hornby who wrote and recorded our official Wine Time Fridays theme music which is anything but average.  Please contact him at  veryaveragemusic@gmail.com 

Other wines we enjoyed this week: Catchwire Chardonnay, Apex The Catalyst Red Blend, Headsnapper Radiant Red, Airfield Estates Merlot, Cave B Chenin Blanc, Feline Vermentino

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